Domus latin

Nominative, Domus , Domus. Genitive, Domus , Domuum. Accusative, Domum, Domus. Ablative, Domu, Domibus. Vocative, Domus , Domus.

In ancient Rome, the domus was the type of house occupied by the upper classes and some wealthy freedmen during the Republican and Imperial eras.

It could be found in almost all the major cities throughout the Roman territories. FOURTH DECLENSION NOUNS. Consult the Internet version. Check spelling and grammar. Latin : domus , dom-us f. We can hardly talk about world history without talking about the dominance of different countries and groups during various periods.

So they are well worth learning! Translation, human translation, automatic translation.

Apparet hunc servum dórniiii esse. In discordiâ dominorum domus beata esse non potest. Penus and specus are sometimes masculine.

Fucus, penus, and domus , with several others, are also of the second declension. Capricorm, although froornu, is always of the second decl. Of domus , which follows the second and fourth. Domus makes domus , d5mui, as also dorni, domo.

This noun is partly of the secon and partly of the fourth, and is thus declined. O horns, wings bonum house, . In Clackson and Horrocks, on the other han it is the adoption of domus clausa fuit as the sole form of the past tense which leads to the reanalysis of domus clausa est as present. Fourth Declension (Declinatio Quarta) The circumflex accent ( ˆ ) is used to denote the length of the vowels.

Fourth declension includes nouns of all the threee genders, the sthem of which ends with –u. For this reason it is called also u- declension. Paradigma – Formas – Tiempos – genero – número – casos – comparativo – superlativo – voz activa y pasiva de verbos latinos – Buscar en los clásicos en la web. Ficus, Penus, and domus , with fcveral others, are alfo of the fecond declenfion.

Capricorn, although fron cornu, is always of the fccond decl. Domus Franca, Casarza Ligure Picture: Domus , latin for house or home.