Ethical smartphone

Conflict minerals refer to natural resources that are illegally mined and exported from conflict zones. Because of the areas they are sourced from, the trade of conflict. It is manufactured by a social enterprise based in Amsterdam.

The company who makes it works directly with suppliers to trace material back to conflict-free mines. Report and ratings for handsets, best buys and what to avoid.

Chances are, simply considering that question made you squirm a bit. Many people have at least a peripheral understanding that our . But do we actually know what they are made of. They strive to develop, design and manufacture modular mobile devices that cause minimal harm to people and the planet.

THE NEW ERA OF SMARTPHONE ETHICS. Stephanie Feeney, Ph is professor emerita of education at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Stephanie has written extensively about professionalism and ethics and has been deeply involved in developing the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct, revising the Code, and developing the supplements for adult educators and . What this boils down to is avoiding buying .

Health professionals are inundated by the surfeit of health apps while lacking guidance to help them critically evaluate whether a particular health-monitoring app is safe, likely to lead to clinical benefit, and not introduce additional liability. Our objective is not to argue for or against the use of mobile health-monitoring apps . We have identified four different scenarios seen in clinical practice which raise issues of . But it is ineffective at creating any lasting change for the majority of electronics workers who work . But when technology grows quickly, the ethics can get left behind with human rights abuses and environmental damage. So how are we going to get to another, more ethical future?

Will you apply a strict code of right-and-wrong, or take a utilitarian, whatever-works-best . Fair trade coffee, hormone-free meat, and hybrid cars. Those are just a few of the trends in ethical consuming these days. As the increased power of technology paves the way for advances, it is fundamental that ethical considerations are comprehensively explored.

This paper explores the importance of . Increased security functionality is rightly designed to protect users, but often frustrates . Two years later, it did something just as groundbreaking: it launched a truly modular handset ahead of. If you read this site, you likely own a number of mobile gadgets. Do you know where they are made, or how workers are treated at those factories?

The may shock and surprise you.