Fairphone 2 screen

Looking for a display module? You can remove it to replace the module, but also to show others how the. You did not tell us how you dealt with it or how you dried it. I suggest that you treat it like any other water damaged device. Durch die modulare Bauweise, ist das Display- Modul schnell und leicht selbst zu wechseln.

Dazu wird kein weiteres Werkzeug benötigt.

Das Modul lässt sich dank der zwei Clips leicht austauschen und ist damit . Fast delivery and friendly service. FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Diese Reparatur ist notwendig, wenn das Glas zersprungen ist, der Touchscreen nicht mehr auf Berührungen reagiert. The display clarity is not affected by the armor . The 5-inch full HD display is sharp and bright, with a pixel density of 446ppi, but it also has sizable bezels.

The device runs on Ubuntu operating system. But the FPwill work in the US. GHz quad-core processor alongside 2GB of RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera.

Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Despite some unique selling . Case in point: the screen. Whole Transparency: The protector is 0. Even shard objects such as knives and keys will not scratch the protector. Oleophobic Coating: The protector . The front glass and the LCD panel are fused together, which makes the screen look better but increases the cost of fixing it since you need to replace the glass and the LCD even if you only break one of them.

This is a common iFixit . BestDeal, gegarandeerd topkwaliteit en verzending = GRATIS! Onion UI is painless and quite smooth and it has shortcuts to most frequently used apps and contacts on the right and left side of the home screen , respectively. You get a few well designe visually attractive . Simply flick the two blue switches at the bottom and the display comes out easily meaning you can fix it yourself if it breaks. Original software, Android 5. It is an open source software system, which means everyone can adjust and copy the source code.

It also makes swiping in from the sides of the screen a little awkward. The side buttons are thick and plasticky, with a power and camera .