Jira service desk pricing

How do I request a quote? What is software maintenance? After a 7-day free trial, subscription pricing is month-to-month.

A discount worth approximately months is available if you purchase an annual subscription. This is the best alternative for teams who want to get .

Need credible pricing info? Our experts prepared for you an unbiased review of all its features. Bulk discounts are available for agents or . Whether you serve 1or 1000 your customers are free.

Jira Service Desk pricing starts at $per month for one to three agents and $per agent for 4-agents. But probably most important is that Atlassian has blown up the per-user pricing model announced last year . Get free demos and compare to similar programs.

From July 31st, Cloud customers will have per-user pricing for monthly subscriptions and new tiers for annual subscriptions. As Add-on prices are tied to the Atlassian. In its post, Atlassian characterized that $flat fee for up to ten users as its introductory rate.

Atlassian also offers versions of all these products that can run on a . Instea the big end of town will wear this . JIRA Service Desk license price. Atlassian has announce significant changes to the Servicedesk pricing model that supports agents and unlimited customers for $per month. Costs are about $per user per year. It is bad when you have users then the price is based on that 1user tier. Users at 1will be the most cost effective.

Why the big jump in price from users to users? Our user licenses offer introductory pricing for small teams. Atlassian customers are about to be hit in the pocket by adjustments being made to its licensing and pricing structure.

Simple to set up, with pricing at a fraction of . For existing customers , the change will occur on their first renewal date. Additionally, these add-ons are also part of the new pricing : Capture for .