Legendario anejo

Legendario Añejo Bottling Note. The brand is massive in Spain, and we feel it deserves greater recognition over here. Find who stocks this wine, and at what price. A multi-level and powerful rum with pleasant flavor, long on the palate.

Ron LEGENDARIO Añejo , vol. Premium brauner Rum, Jahre Lagerung in Eichenfässern, Flasche 700ml.

Fully bodied rum, with an exquisite flavor, ideal for serving straight or on the rocks. Das macht ihn zu einem ganz besonderen Tropfen! La máxima expresión del Ron”. Product Info: Dominated by fruity and vanil.

La maduración de rones de uno, cuatro y seis años y añejado en barriles de roble americano, le dan un gusto excepcional y evolucionado con sutiles notas de madera y cuerpo. Origin Cuban Rum, vol years maturing in oak casks, extraordinary rich body and deep aromas. Ft-os áron az iDrinks Rum kategóriájában. Gyors, könnyű, egyszerű rendelés.

Nézze meg most, és rendeljen néhány kattintással.

Pénzt és időt is megtakaríthat, ha nálunk vásárolja meg a kedvenc italait! It appears bright and crystalline with an attractive aroma of mature tropical pineapple, marmalade oranges and a hint of nutmeg, soft butter. Intense, exotique et gourman . Very well known in Spain, it deserves greater recognition. Medium-bodie chocolatey fruit heaven, sweet aroma and hints of molasses, vanilla and fruity sugar cane.

For cocktails and long drinks. The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Wysyłka wyłącznie Kurier UPS. Sweet with notes of raisins, vanilla, molasses, orange and tobacco leaf. Avant le conditionnement . Cena za kus, 44Kč, 54Kč. Uvedené ceny a dostupnost zboží jsou platné při osobním odběru na vybrané prodejně.

Vložit dostupné množství (bal.) Koupit on-line Nahradit. Description Reviews (0). Empresa de Bebidas y Refrescos, Santa Catalina No. Shipping charges included. There are no reviews for this product.

Palate : Soft on the attack, then gains in intensity while keeping a nice sweetness. Dominant exotic fruit and toffee, with a fairly powerful body.

Finish : Final relieved by peppery and spicy notes. Fortunately, as a travelling vagrant, I have a smattering of several additional tongues (and can curse pretty well in about fifteen or so, but never mind), .