Lindab safe

A double seal made of EPDM rubber makes the system quick and easy to mount. A simple click is all it takes to assemble the ducts and fittings. The new, innovative duct system.

Used extensively in major construction projects, they benefit from factory installed EPDM rubber seals and rolled edges. They enable a faster and easier installation of air ducts due to the absence of any need to apply sealant or tape.

The rolled edges also allow for. The way to the future is Safe ! Air-conditioning and refrigeration products certification programs, Eurovent Certification has a directory of certified products for professionals. SITAC and are subject to continuous production checks.

This means that the requirements for air tightness class D are met if ducts and fittings of the systems are used and if assembly is performed as per these . The system improves working conditions and saves important time for installers and contrac- tors. Click where space is limited and the handling of tools is difficult.

Minimise the use of tools, rivets or screws. Modern Building Services: Latest Issue Projects. Air supply for the building flows from the main rectangular header ducts through a fan-assisted . After importing, all articles within this . Nasze rozwiązanie nie tylko poprawia warunki pracy, ale również pozwala zaoszczędzić cenny czas. Do not use ducts or fittings that have been damaged in such a way that they jeopardize the air tightness or structural strength of the system. Leakage class D is guaranteed only when all of the products in the system are . Lindab Sverige, Grevie, Båstad.

FEATURES: BSUstamped 2-piece degree self sealing elbow 1. Meets SMACNA Leakage Class without the application of external sealants or flanges. Linx year warranty to meet SMACNA Leakage Class 3. Safe kanalsystem består av cirkulära ventilationskanaler, böjar, ljuddämpare, T-rör och påstick för industri- , komfort- och villaventilation. Verfügbarkeit: Lieferzeit 5-Tage. De sirkulære kanalene og detaljene festes med et enkelt “klikk”, uten behov for spesialverktøy, skruer eller nagler.

Ett klikk, og jobben er gjort. IZOLOVANA FLEKSIBILNA CREVA.

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