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We generate fresh Kali Linux image files every few months, which we make available for download.

Download Slack for free for mobile devices or desktop. This page provides the links to download Kali Linux in its latest official release. For a release history, check our Kali Linux Releases page. Please note: You can find unofficial, untested weekly releases at . A free linux distribution built from an Ubuntu base featuring XFCE.

By producing an easy to use Linux based Operating System, we hope that people will discover just how simple it can be to use Linux Lite. Linux Lite is free for everyone to use and share, and suitable for people .

Use these instructions to download and install the Java Runtime Environment ( JRE) for Linux x64. Want Tor to really work? You need to change some of your habits, and reconfigure your software! Tor by itself is NOT all you need to maintain your anonymity. Read the full list of warnings.

UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions without burning a CD. It runs on Windows, Linux , and Mac OS X. VPN Unlimited will not leave a chance for the eavesdroppers to trace your online activity or steal your personal data. Setup our VPN Unlimited app on your Linux computer and make your web surfing safe and anonymous.

It is highly recommended to use the package management system of your distribution or to manually compile FileZilla if you are running a different flavour of Linux. Install Dropbox to get the most out of your account. When your download is complete, run the Dropbox installer. If your distribution is not listed then choose Compile from Source.

It is easiest to install Git on Linux using the preferred package manager of your Linux distribution. If you prefer to build from source, you can find the tarballs on kernel.

Free downloads for building and running. NET applications on Linux , macOS, Windows. NET Framework, Visual Studio, and more.