Mad dog 357 reaper scoville

Mad Dog 3Reaper Sriracha Hot . CTH Thank you so much for your support. This section is for our serious chiliheads! All of the following section are super hot sauces. These sauces no only get their heat from spicy peppers, but they also have a mixture of pepper extract that sends the heat level through the roof!

The current record-holder is the Carolina Reaper , which delivers 563SHU.

Packed with Carolina Reaper peppers. Aged Cayenne Peppers, Distilled . The deadliness lies in the Bhut Jolokia peppers from India. The closest natural plant to this is a Carolina Reaper which is, at most, half this and that plant was purposefully created to burn. Number one with a bullet! Peppers used: Carolina Reaper , scorpion, ghost.

David Ashley has been making hot sauces for over years, and his most potent concoction on the market uses a blend of reaper , scorpion, and ghost peppers, plus something . to get notified when this product is back in stock.

Die Carolina Reaper hat einen fruchtigen, aromatischen Geschmack sowie eine einzigartige, faltige Oberfläche. Scoville units: million. Eine High Quality Sauce aus dem Hause Ashley. Zur Zeit leider nicht auf Lager. Plutonium pepper extract, which has a 000scoville heat unit rating.

Shop with confidence on eBay! The Carolina Reaper is the current world record holder at over 2. All natural with no preservatives. Ingredients: 1 carolina reape. Temporairement indisponible.

Main heat ingredients: Red Jalapeños, Cayenne, and Carolina Reaper peppers. Overall taste: This sauce has great flavor profiles that mix very well! The amazing mixture of the garlic mixed . Worlds Hottest Award Winning Hot Sauces Xtreme Trio Includes Ghost . THE MACHINE TAKES ON MAD DOG.