Metsec katalog

Providing products for the construction and manufacturing industries. We focus on adding value through expert design, precision manufacturing and on-time in full product delivery. Nasze rozwiązania i doświadczenie pozwoliły nam dostarczyć systemy płatwiowe i ryglowe na setki obiektów różnego zastosowania . Anatomie rámové konstrukce se systémy METSEC.

Naše dosavadní výsledky zahrnují tisíce úspěšných dodávek vaznicových systémů pro objekty hal různého využití a to od velikosti několika set metrů čtverečních až . There were photographs and material provided by the companies PK Warex and Ikon used in the catalogue.

Voestalpine PROFILFORM s. Internal Load Bearing Elements. High Bay Separating Walls. Metsec METFRAME Complete Lightweight. Essex AND suffolk EquiTABLE FIRE AND Life Insurance office.

PLANO-FORTES BY THE FIRST MAKERS. Our existing include thousands of successful deliveries of purlin systems for halls of various use and with the size ranging from several hundred square meters to . The Electrical catalogue provides information on all electrical items and fittings. The Industrial catalogue provides information on all industrial .

Technical construction details. Medium and heavy duty cable tray systems have cable-friendly return flanges that are also slotted for all widths as standard. The unique per- foration pattern in the base of the cable trays allows ease of attachment for cables with more than adequate ventilation. Available to dispatch immediately. All MK cable tray ranges.

Elements are delive- red to construction sites with an anti-corrosion finish di- rectly from the manufacturing plant. The steel skeleton is bolted together on site, without any welding. Columns are anchored to the foundations via steel. Společnost voestalpine PROFILFORM s. METSEC steel beams, and façade fasteners.

SIG Insulation have a wide range of Building Products from suppliers Bonar, Dupont, Euroform, Speedline and Tenax. Channel, also know as strut, is extensively used for the hanging and supporting of a wide range of mechanical and electrical installations. PowerLogic Selection Guide – Print Version (pdf). Catalogue for Panel Builders – Print Version (pdf).

Z-Section Dimensions The section reference of zed profile 342mm deep and 2. Description Square Plate Square Plate Square Plate Square Plate Hole Plate Hole Plate Hole Plate Hole Plate Hole . In conjunction with specialist commercial fabricator Dempsey Dyer and on behalf of Fairview Homes, this £1.