Schletter solar mounting systems

Die Schletter Group zählt zu den führenden Herstellern von Solar – Montagesystemen weltweit. Wir entwickeln und fertigen Befestigungslösungen aus Aluminium und Stahl für Solarparks , Flachdächer, Schrägdächer sowie Solar -Carports. Unsere ausgereiften Lösungen stehen für höchste Qualität und Belastbarkeit – überall . We develop and manufacture mounting solutions made of aluminum and steel for solar farms, flat roofs, pitched roofs and solar carports.

Our sophisticated solutions deliver utmost quality and durability – wherever the sun shines. Distance piece for roof hook mounting (to be used in pairs).

The Schletter Alugrid solar mounting systems are used to install solar panels on flat rooftops. Solar energy is extremely powerfull, a whole system can be installed within hours with the best solar racking. Years after installing Solar Panels, I Share what I learned on my Journey – Duration: 8:24. Schletter Solar Racking and Mounts – Wholesale Discount Pricing – COMPANY When it comes to designing and manufacturing solar mounting systems , few companies have nearly years of manufacturing and technological experience as offered by Schletter. The system consists of many system components that have been . Each solar mounting system can be individually designed for a cost- effective photovoltaic mounting solution in utility-scale ground mounted systems , commercial or . Company profile for Mounting System manufacturer Schletter Inc.

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Schletter is the biggest supplier of solar mounting systems in Europe. Introducing a NEW solution for small ground mount solar PV projects, the 2. W FS Kit from Schletter. Prepackaged to hold two modules vertical and five . Schletter has been constantly evolving and has become a recognised supplier of viable products in the areas of solar and . It allows the installer to mount any module in practically any mounting situation.

The experienced manufacturer of professional solar mounting systems offers a variety of fasteners for photovoltaic modules. The Schletter Group has completed another ambitious major project in China: The Anhui Jin solar farm in Anhui Province, China, generates MW and produces electricity for nearly 20households. Generally, a sufficient holding force of the sheet metal roof covering to the substructure is always a precondition for constructions that are fixed to the roof cladding.

In case of elevated installations, special loads to the sheet metal roofing will arise. G-Max, Schletter s new flagship PV mounting system , to change the way steel solar mounting systems are designed. German engineering firm, Schletter , is a family owned business run from theirhead office in near Haag, Germany. Schletter produces professional solar mounting systems for solar farms and large scale commercial solar projects. As customers would expect of a German based bran there is a strong focus . Schletter provides charts and software programs to assist with structural analysis, provide mounting guidelines, and protect the installer from liability claims in the event of damage.

Besides the main components (roof hooks, crossbeams, etc.), the system structural analysis also includes special fastening elements, which are . Ludwig Schletter , CEO of Schletter , a German manufacturer of solar mounting systems , shares his view on why solar mounting systems are important in making solar installations a success and reveals some tips on what to consider when choosing a solar mounting system. Flat roof syatem on top of the.

Schletter Group installed its newly developed mounting solution for greenhouse solar photovoltaic systems for the first time in China—a MWp PV system.