Velux ggu sk06 0070

Velux white-polyurethane roof windows are are the perfect choice if you are looking for a maintenance free roof window. Put fresh air at your fingertips with a centre-pivot VELUX roof window. A top- operated roof window is easy to operate – even with furniture beneath. The innovative top control bar allows you to install the window lower than an equivalent bottom-operated window to get an excellent view while standing and when seated.

Außenbleche aus Aluminium, Dunkelgrau.

Dachfenster der neuen Generation V22. ESG außen und VSG innen. VELUX tuimelvenster met bedieningshandgreep aan de bovenzijde voor comfortabele bediening, tevens ventilatieklep.

Scharniert in het midden en kan 1graden gekanteld worden voor schoonmaakstand. VELUX white PU finish centre pivot roof windows – Roofinglines. Durch eine Griffleiste im oberen Bereich. The VELUX GGU centre-pivot roof window has a timber frame and a moulded polyurethane finish.

Rotates 180° for easy cleaning.

Its moisture resistant coating makes it ideal for humid rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms and is easy to wipe clean. Stylish white finish and rounded corners for contemporary look. Jetzt informieren über Preise und Verfügbarkeit im HORNBACH Markt. A great way to accessorise your roofing project. Manueel wentelend dakvenster met een houten kern omhuld met witte polyurethaan.

Te plaatsen op een dak met een helling tussen 15° en 90° Wentelende opening- rotatie tot 180° Frictiescharnieren houden het . Versandkosten: unterschiedlich. Zonnewarmtewinst Isolatiewaarde glas 1. FINESTRA MANUALE GGU 114X118. Produttore: VELUX ITALIA SPA.

Attributi: CONTEMPORANEO – bianco – Kg. Unità di vendita: Pezzi. Hai trovato questo prodotto ad un prezzo migliore? Het dakvenster draait voor u open. Secure online shopping from the Roofing Specialists.

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The VELUX Centre Pivot GGU white polyurenthane roof window opens from a swivel at the half-way point for easy cleaning and is available in sizes ranging from 55cm wide x 70cm high for the smallest rooflight to 134cm wide x 160cm high for the largest. Schwingfenster GGU Kunststoff weiss .