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Purchasability: Purchasable, In Stock or . ZINC contains over million purchasable compounds in ready-to-dock, 3D formats. ZINC is provided by the Irwin and Shoichet Laboratories in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at the University of California, San . The ZINC database is a curated collection of commercially available chemical compounds prepared especially for virtual screening. ZINC is used by investigators in pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, and research universities.

Users may search ZINC based on several criteria (Figure 2A).

Limits on molecular properties such as net charge and molecular weight may be specified on the left-hand side of the search Web page (Figure 2A). On the bottom left, individual ZINC database registration codes, the unique serial number assigned to each . ZINC ( ZINC Is Not Commercial) is a public access database and tool set, initially developed to enable ready access to compounds for virtual screening, that has. Four buttons below the chemical drawing tool allow for exact, substructure, and two kinds of similarity searches , using either Tanimoto or Dice . How can I send custom queries in ZINC database ( zinc.docking.org) from command-line using SMARTS strings (without opening any browser). A pharmacophore describes the spatial arrangement of the essential features of an interaction. ZINCPharmer is free pharmacophore search software for screening the purchasable subset of the ZINC database (updates occur monthly).

ZINCPharmer can import LigandScout and MOE pharmacophore definitions, as well as identify pharmacophore features directly from structure.

The ZINC Database contains commercially available compounds for structure based virtual screening. The of a ZINC search point directly to compound vendors, to facilitate compound acquisition. Pointers to PubChem and other public an- notated databases are also included where available, as a source . It will search for similar molecules from database which are having distance less than or equal to distance specified by user with respect to query molecule( Indazole). Fingerprints: Four different fingerprints are available for similarity search calculations.

User can choose any one them. For example i have selected sFP. Stereoselective virtual screening of the ZINC database using atom pair 3D- fingerprints. The search engine of the multi-fingerprint browser uses the city-block distance (CBD) . ZINC is a free database of commercially-available compounds for virtual screening, and a great source of input small molecules for AutoDock. ABSTRACT: ZINC is a free public resource for ligand discovery.

The database contains over twenty million com- mercially available molecules in biologically relevant repre- sentations that may be downloaded in popular ready-to-dock formats and subsets. The Web site also enables searches by structure . If you click that and submit your SEArch job, you can get this result. ZINC offers prepare 3D databases that used Epik for state generation, so those structures can be used directly for virtual screening (e.g., with Glide).

You can also use PubChem to retrieve . However, for best we still recommend LigPrep over the preparation process used for ZINC. If you want to prepare ZINC yourself with LigPrep, we .

If you know of other databases and you would like to have them listed here, contact CSC Service Desk. NIST Chemistry webbook- Structures, spectra, properties. Pubchem, hosted by NCBI – Structures, properties, structural searches , etc.