Ag bag recycling

We accept used irrigation tape and tubing and cover, fumigation, greenhouse and hoophouse films. We do not accept bunker cover with nylon scrim, . Ag – Bag Corporation was founded by a group of five Agri-Businessmen who owned and operated Cattle Ranches, Dairies and Feed Mill operations as well as a manufacturing business. These five entrepreneuri.

Recycling Other Agricultural Plastics. Our proprietary cleaning system .

Please direct any inquires to Tammy Shields at . Horticultural farms use mulch films, potting media bags , drip irrigation tube, various greenhouse covers, and pots and trays. Pesticide containers are unique in that much of the U. This is an industry effort to recycle pesticide containers, . Farms use plastic in many ways – as bale wraps, covers on bunker silos and silage bags – to name a few. Plastic is easy to use, relatively inexpensive and prevents silage loss. American farms use an estimated one billion pounds of plastic each year.

Much of our plastic film material that we take for recycling is turned into trash can liners by a manufacturer in New York. Our trash bags are listed under the new product tab, so be sure to check it out!

Our most popular bag is the 1. They fit great into gallon cut off barrels that many . Throughout Minnesota in fields and at farm-sites, it is now commonplace to see agricultural feed stocks such as hay and silage, stored in long, undulating rows of white plastic or in bunkers covered in white plastic, often held in place by tires. Marinas and other locations . Flexible plastic washing line, for processing ag film, jumbo bag , woven bag etc. Since many of our products require the use of Ag plastic, whether in grain bags or plastic film for wrapping hay, a natural thought has been about what customers do with the plastic once they are finished with it. Our current program is focused on recycling empty and triple-rinsed pesiticide containers. This program is free and the recycled plastic is used for producing drainage tile . The use of silo bags , bunkers and wrapped bales for feed storage has increased dramatically on dairy farms over the past years – so has the waste.

Learn more about plastic film, including which types you can recycle and where to recycle them. Educate your community about plastic film recycling and encourage commercial collection in your area. AgBag Systems: The flexible, efficient and profitable agricultural storage system.

Agricultural plastics or ag plastics covers a wide variety of products and plastic types, including materials used in many common household plastic. In Wisconsin and other parts of the country, options for recycling silage bags , bale wrap, bunker silo covers and other plastic films are starting to emerge. An Arkansas company has come up with a solution: In the past two years, it has given more than 4dumpsters to farmers in the two states and then picked up the waste to turn into trash bags that are being used in parks locally.

As part of a free “ ag bag ” recycling program, Wyattville farmer Allyn Ellinghuysen strapped down dumpsters last year to take to his farm. The dumpster program required farms to dispose of a minimum amount of bunker covers and silage wrap. Now, the same company has launched an option for smaller . Packaging of hay in individually wrapped bales or in long bale- bags allows farms to cut and leave feed in the field and feed on-deman saving time and.

To understand how best to deal with this rapid increase in disposal of ag plastics at end of life, the Agricultural Plastics Working Group was formed and APRA has been . Cloud Times report on recycling pointed out a few of these inappropriate items for the recycling bin, such as delivery pizza boxes, furnace filters and light bulbs.