Aster dumosus

Aster Dumosus , commonly known as Bushy Aster, belongs to the Asteraceae family which also includes yarrows, chrysanthemums, and sunflowers. The Genus Aster contains over 6species and thousands of hybrid varieties, providing a wide choice to pick from, as they all vary in habit, height, flower color, leaf shape and . It is native to a widespread area across the eastern half of the United States from Texas to Florida to Maine to Wisconsin. It is also native to New Brunswick and Ontario, and is cultivated in other places.

Bred for compact habit, long bloom period and heavy flowering, all of the.

Bumblebees, green metallic bees, dagger bees, butterflies, skippers, and beetles are known to visit the flowerheads of Rice Button Aster. It offers a good source of late-season nectar and pollen. This is a short-growing aster with lilac- blue flowers and creeping rootstocks.

It can be used on steep slopes for erosion control. CareTo transform this aster into a densely- flowered groundcover, cut it back hard in early spring or autumn. Symphyotrichum dumosum (L.) G. Show All Show Tabs rice button aster.

Należy do rodziny Asteraceae-astrowate. Native Status: CAN N LN. Odmiany ogrodowe pochodzą ze skrzyżowania Aster dumosus x Aster novi-belgii. Bylina z podziemnymi rozłogami.

Kwiatostan luźny, bardzo . Try our Horizon Scanning Tool (beta) – prioritizing invasive species threats. Common Name: Hardy Aster. Valued for its late summer and fall floral display.

Plant in mass for best effect or interplant among other perennials. Michaelmas Daisy This compact variety has semi-double flowers in a purplish- pink colour – watch for mildew later in the season and spray with a systemic fungicide when necessary. Buy farm-fresh plants online! These old favourites bloom from late summer into autumn with a multitude of elegant white, long lasting, daisy-like flowers. De groene bladeren zijn lancetvormig.

Deze laag kussenvormende compacte herfstasters zijn zeer geschikt voor kleine tuinen. An abundance of purple daisy-like flowers bloom in September on this compact plant that is mildew and rust resistant. Note: Pinch to control size .

Small delicate sprays of bright pale blue daisy -like flowers with a bold yellow central disc are borne Sep- Oct. A lovely showy variety adding colour to the autumn bed.