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Global Truss America, LLC – High Quality Lighting and Stage Trussing. Quality, reliability, innovation and availability are the key words which we implement globally into our ruling principles. Always and at all times. Produktname aufsteigend. FSleeve mit Stahl Inlets.

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Shop with confidence on. Inch Quick Lock Heavy Duty 220LBs 10Pcs. Any time a group of audio professionals congregates to chat, the conversation invariable turns to… Read More . Total Solutions Group are manufacturers of Aluminium Truss systems, Stage Sets and bespoke constructions along with training for the entertainment industry.

Universal Corner Blocks. Base Plates- 1 2 30. UNIVERSAL SQUARE CORNER JUNCTION BOX XT-JB6W-2W WAY-WAY FITS GLOBAL TRUSS. Crank Up Truss Lighting Stands – Stage Light Mount Trussing Speaker System PA DJ. Nielsen Office No 11 Building No 178.

TIP: A table with a lot of triangular supports tends to be quite strong. A truss is a large, strong support beam built from boards or rods and arranged in a series of triangles. Engineers often use trusses in bridges, buildings, and towers.

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Showquip is a dedicated entertainment engineering fabrication company. A tapered edge along the long axis of the building channels prevailing winds under the structure to scour away snow. El Station were being lifted into place, construction continued on an aluminum, four-story circulation tower — called the beer can by Polies.

Split and amplify your signal using the DBranch from American DJ. Each output is electrically and optically isolated from the input allowing for easier running of DMX cable to lighting fixtures.