Cobertura example report

Cobertura is a free Java code coverage tool – calculates the percentage of code accessed by unit tests. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Maven to generate the . The plugin has an instrumentation configuration element which can be used to customize the instrumentation done within Cobertura. Example : project.

This maven tutorial describes how to generate a test coverage report for a site using the Cobertura Maven Plugin.

It can be used to identify which parts of your Java program are lacking test coverage. It is based on jcoverage. So Ant and AntContrib to the . Fortunately, Cobertura makes this easy, because the source code comes with an example ant project.

You can download a binary distribution here. Inside of the download will be a relative path. If you cd into that directory, you can generate a code coverage report on a sample Java project . A quick and practical guide to generating code coverage reports with Cobertura.

A high coverage does not mean that your code is free of bugs! Always keep in mind to write useful tests and then Cobertura will be a useful tool. This code example shows the second part of the report. This blog post describes how you can create code coverage reports for unit and integration tests with the JaCoCo Maven plugin. Summary: A Sample Cobertura Ant build script.

The Maven Cobertura Plugin web site lacks information to successfully generate Cobertura reports. The most common problem when generating Cobertura reports is when the generated report shows 1 test coverage while in reality . Typically, you construct this class implicitly by instantiating it when you create a CodeCoveragePlugin instance. For example , p = CodeCoveragePlugin. We were requested to investigate and implement code coverage measurement and report generation to our project – Jersey.

Nice opportunity to get into new thing. I hit this in Jersey, for example substitute A with jersey-core and B with jersey-tests and you are there. Solution is not that simple, because . Generate Cobertura Report.

QuickBuild will NOT generate Cobertura report automatically, so first make sure the Cobertura report is produced by ANT or by any other build tool. The following example shows how to generate Cobertura test with Ant Cobertura task : Cobertura coverage report target in .