Cobertura maven

The recommended basic configuration is as follows. It can be used to identify which parts of your Java program are lacking test coverage. Categories, Maven Plugins.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Maven to generate the . GitHub is where people build software.

So Ant and AntContrib to the . You can always check the latest version of the plugin in the Maven central repository. Once done, go ahead and run Maven specifying cobertura : cobertura as a goal. It is based on jcoverage.

File, Size (in kB), MDchecksum. Hi, To get cobertura coverage for integration tests, I need to upgrade cobertura – maven -plugin from version 2. However, with this latest version, I get an 0.

Is there some ongoing development to address . Of course, you can always manually invoke the plugin by running the goal explicitly in the project: maven cobertura. For additional information on the configuration and use of the . Well, Jersey uses maven , so this is little more difficult, but cobertura does have maven support, so lets try it. It only works, if the pom.

The key part here is the cobertura – maven -plugin that is executed in the process- classes phase. The report from a build looks like this: It tells us that we have 1 coverage of the system and that two out of two lines . Cobertura will be executed every time. Property, Default, Optional?

Yes, Specifies the root directory for cobertura output files. Examining code coverage in Maven projects. Execute cobertura only from Jenkins using profiles. You can reduce the load of your developer machine by using maven profiles to execute the plugin only if you are running within Jenkins.

The configuration below shows how to enable the plugin based on the information if maven was started by Jenkins. See JavadocArchiver for how to run automatically .

A recent project started out life as an all-Java project that used Maven as the build tool. Initially we used Atlassian Clover to measure unit test coverage. Clover is a great product for Java code, but unfortunately it only works with Java code because it works at the Java source level.

Today I was experimenting with maven. I wanted to add code coverage. This was the case as of . Ofcourse I start thinking about cobertura immediately. So I dived into cobertura and maven integration.

It became kind of an experience. I know a lot more about maven now. I have to figure out some stuff, but for now it is good enough. Name, Last Modifie Size, Description.

For example, if you have the following pom.