Confluence free alternative

This is a very useful list! A great addition to the Fuller stack alternatives list would be Deveo. I recommend Slite, it lets you create content in real time with your team while creating a super modern and dynamic team knowledge base 🙂 you can have s, meeting notes and brainstorm notes coexist in one place.

Bitrixhas roughly twice the . Plus its super easy to organize.

What are the alternatives to confluence that integrate a. The software creates a business platform where workers come together to discuss problems, JIRA issues, projects and other work-related things. For technical writers it offers a . We believe Open Source is about your own choices, making it the safest path from an investment point of view. You choose where you deploy, what services you use . Documize is a modern and compact cross-platform solution with unlimited users.

Sensible pricing, no marketplace fees or restrictions.

Open source add-ons and integrations framework. Simple user experience for. I have been promoted in my office to a sysadmin supervisor position and I am currently tasked with trying to find a free alternative to. Free and open source software (FOSS). Licensed under GPLvso you can download source code and customize to meet your needs, provided that you know or are willing to learn Haskell.

Depending on your setup, Igloo Software can give you some serious bang for your buck. Alternative : Igloo Software. Igloo starts out free (and fully featured!) for up to the first users.

It also includes three team spaces and 10GB of storage. After that, they have different pricing plans . The basic software is free of charge, but if you need some more functionality and want to pay for it, the developer also provides packages to extend the. Evaluation time, Unlimite days. Nuclino focuses on the essentials and uses a clean, simple, . Whatever your reason for searching for a Jira . TRAC has , bug tracker, code viewer, all with markup to interlink.

Or, there is its fork Apache Bloodhound.

All written in Python, plenty of plugins. BTW Trac is much closer to original idea, plain text with markup. Easier to parse from outside to create plugins.

Phabricator is a suite of web applications that help software companies communicate about software effectively.