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Define domus : a dwelling of ancient Roman or medieval times. In ancient Rome, the domus was the type of house occupied by the upper classes and some wealthy freedmen during the Republican and Imperial eras. It could be found in almost all the major cities throughout the Roman territories.

It comes from the Ancient Greek word domi meaning structure since it was the standard type of housing in Ancient . Both words derived from Rob Domus McIntyre.

Domus has a large domus 2) Domus is a large domus. Get a domus mug for your coworker Manafort. Meaning of domus as a legal term. What does domus mean in law?

Domus is one of a handful of common nouns that take the locative case, others are rus and humus. It is irregular in that it has a mix of second and fourth declension forms, the second declension forms being more commonly used in place constructions. Definition of Domus Conversorum – Our online dictionary has Domus Conversorum information from Encyclopaedia Judaica dictionary.

C16: from Spanish mayordomo, from Medieval Latin mājor domūs head of the household.

English, psychology and medical dictionaries. Néanmoins, son lemmatiseur LGeRM vous propose comme entrée alternative : – µDOMUS , nom propre. The domus was not merely a residence for the Roman aristocrat.

It defined the space and range of his immediate househol over whom he exercised potestas or dominium. In order to understand the phrase Anima Domus , it is important to explain what each word means separately. In this paper I hope to clarify the meanings of familia and domus. Bittle, Rawle (Pat) 342.

An ancient house built or appointed by King Henry III. Wealthy Romans often owned more than one residence, prompting the jurists to worry over how to interpret laws specifying some action at the domus. For example, a wife was supposed to send notification of the birth of a child to her husband or his father at his domus , which was defined in law as the place where they . Roman world was both a legal and social designation for the larger household (or domus ), modeled after the patrician social structure of Republican Rome.

The word “ domus ” only gains the more restricted meaning of “family, ruling dynasty” in the twelfth century. For whom, however, would such a definition of the aims of Bolesław as a ruler be so obvious that they used a term to describe it which was normally used to describe the realities of life of the . We can hardly talk about world history without talking about the dominance of different countries and groups during various periods. So they are well worth learning! Learn the definition of domus.

Is domus in the scrabble dictionary?

No, domus cannot be played in scrabble. Legal definition for DOMUS : Lat. Understanding the architecture of the Roman house requires more than simply appreciating the names of the various parts of the structure, as the house itself was an important part of the dynamics of daily life and the socio-economy of the Roman world.

The house type referred to as the domus (Latin for “house”) is taken to . Light house, , , Translation, human translation, automatic translation. An added linear structure hovering above the fragmented façades of the polykatoikias gives definition to the street alignment while providing areas for production and education dedicated to the inhabitants of the existing buildings. The new roof underlines the street as architectural space and seeks the .