Fairphone smartphone

Make it last with easy repairs and replaceable modules. Great performance, extra convenience. The company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and was supported in its startup phase by the Waag Society, a foundation which aims to foster experimentation with new . Blogging about the decision last week, founder Bas van.

GHz quad-core processor alongside 2GB of RAM and 8-megapixel rear camera. But do we actually know what they are made of.

By using responsibly sourced materials and letting everybody see what goes into their design process, . Conçu pour durer de trois à cinq ans, il. Une partie de son électronique est issue du commerce équitable. Making hardware is har and making it sustainable is even harder.

The storage place does not suffice anymore, the loading of thes takes several minutes and after only a few hours the battery is empty again. Under which working conditions the . This ethical product is also modular, which means you can repair it yourself and create a longer . An alternative to the other machines currently making up the bulk of the market that are impossible to repair and produced in opaque conditions. Do you own one of the 1.

Ukázalo se, že svět moderní elektroniky je tak trochu se světem udržitelného rozvoje nekompatibilní. Il est proposé nu au prix de 5euros. Wolfpack implemented the A-GPS.

Mit neuer 12-MP-Kamera und Android Modulare Bauweise für Reparaturfähigkeit bei memolife. This provided million euros in funding, which was . Complete opening with sides zippers. Die kleinen Allrounder sind aus unserem Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken.

Pourtant, il est de loin le plus futuriste ! La clé pour sortir la marque de la confidentialité ? Despite some unique selling . Umweltbewusst einkaufen? Der Blaue Engel kann helfen. Produkte und Dienstleistungen sind bereits mit dem Label der Bundesregierung ausgezeichnet. The EcoGuide IT team has the honour to interview Fabian Hühne, from communication department , so as to know if the company is Green IT as its product !