Fatrafol roofing

Roof insulation by bonding a water-proofing membrane. System cross-section and description. Foils for insulating flat and sloping roofs , balconies and terraces, structure basements, radon and chemical leaks insulation. Insulation of water areas. Waterproofing membranes are mechanically fixed by mechanical anchoring to the supporting structure of the roof , to the stabilisation part of the roof ply.

The method of anchoring needs to be designed in such a manner that the membrane would be secured against dimensional changes and wind suction.

Green roofs are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and aesthetic. The soil layer (depending on the height) allows to grow a broad range of plants –from mosses to really full-grown trees. A green roof then surpasses the general function of a roof and allows to design an architectonically and functionally interesting space . Prepared by: Technical group for insulation systems at the Building Plastics plant. Number of copies: 5copies. It is used for membrane roofing of all types of buildings: residential, public, administrative, industrial, agricultural, sports, etc, for new . FATRAFOL roof waterproofing system – instructional video.

In case of a leak occurring within the time of fifteen years being evidential deduced from a defect of the.

The warranty period is starting with a time when the waterproofing work . Fatrafol FF8has a non-woven textile polyester fleece to the underside of the membrane allowing the product to be fully or partially adhered using a recommended adhesive. A green roof system reduces the impact of the urban heat island effect, improves air quality, increases absorption of carbon dioxide and supports biodiversity. High performance, polyester-mesh reinforced PVC-P roof waterproofing membrane, designed for use as a mechanically fixed waterproofing covering. The membrane comprises upper, middle and lower layers manufactured by a calender-mould process. PRODUCT SCOPE AND SUMMARY OF CERTIFICATE.

This Certificate relates to Fatrafol FF8and Fatrafol. The Secretary of State has agreed with the British Board of Agrément the aspects of performance to be used by the BBA in assessing the compliance of roof waterproofing membranes with the Building. In the opinion of the BBA, the Fatrafol. Roof reconstruction with PVC membrane Fatrafol. A traditional Czech manufacturer of Fatrafol water-proofing membranes and accessories for constructions.

Suitable for roofs ballasted with gravel, operational or vegetative layer and installation of single – layer roofing on flat roofs. Membrane resistant to UV radiation, may be exposed directly to . We use Fatrafol single ply roofing systems which is suitable for application to new roofs with concrete, metal, timber or woodwool decks. Fatrafol has a heat reflective surface which produces a slower temperature rise within the building than bitumen-based roof coverings and presents less of a barrier to . Mineral wool insulation and PVC waterproofing.

Balti, Commercial object, . Using roof membrane under fundamental roofing allows solving the common problem of water vapour drips accumulating between sheetrock and steam insulation.

Użycie membrany dachowej pod pokryciem zasadniczym umożliwia rozwiązanie często występującego problemu – gromadzenia .