Jaculus jaculus

Its diet consists mainly of seeds and grasses, however the Jerboa needs very little water to survive. This small rodent is sometimes likened to a tiny kangaroo due to its incredibly large hind legs, and hopping form of locomotion. Range Description: This species is found throughout North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula as far east as southwestern Iran.

It is very small with a darkish back and lighter colored underbelly. Jaculus jaculus is the smallest species in the genus Jaculus. There is also a light-colored stripe across its hip.

Jerboas are a lot like a tiny kangaroo in locomotion and posture. The hind feet are incredibly large, to mm, and used for jumping. Lesser Egyptian Jerboa at Aussar Western Sahara. Canguro enano ( Jaculus Orientalis) – Duration: 1:01. It has large eyes and ears and a rather stubby snout, and its coat is a pale or . Cold Spring Harb Protoc.

Rodent Model for Evolution and Development. Tetrapods that have evolved the ability to run or bound at great speeds over long distances have repeat-. The species, habitat and method of capture are described.

Information is given on the population and reproduction, and a “pattern of generations” is suggested. Details are given on the behavioural attitudes and activities of the . Jerboas belonging to the genus Jaculus are widely distributed rodents inhabiting Palearctic desert and semi-desert areas. They were sometimes related to two different . Chordata › Craniata › Vertebrata › Gnathostomata › Teleostomi › Euteleostomi › Sarcopterygii › Dipnotetrapodomorpha › Tetrapoda › Amniota › Mammalia › Theria › Eutheria › Boreoeutheria › Euarchontoglires › Glires › Rodentia › Myomorpha › Dipodoidea › Dipodidae › Dipodinae › Jaculus. See also, › animaldiversity. Higher Taxa, Boidae (Erycinae, Erycidae), Henophidia, Alethinophidia, Serpentes, Squamata (snakes).

Common Names, E: Javelin Sand Boa G: (Westliche) Sandboa. Jordan B, Vercammen P, Cooper KL. GALILEO RAMOS WILDLIFE ARTIST. Activity and moulting of two species of jerboas, Allactaga euphratica.

Alternative combination: Mus jaculus. Belongs to Jaculus according to O. Arid environments suffer anthropogenic interference causing habitat degradation. This degradation can influence animal populations.

We randomly captured a total of 1lesser . Notes: Associate Professor, CSBC. Reference for: Eryx jaculus jaculus.