Kuberg freerider

Lightweight, rugged and exceptionally powerful – this fast, fun bike is perfect for both beginners and experienced riders, teens and adults. The Freerider Street Edition is the first road legal KUBERG electric motorcycle. It comes equipped with mirrors, turn signals, and other safety featues.

The KUBERG Freerider features massive power and torque, a quiet motor, rugged construction, extraordinary handling, and the ability to handle any terrain. The free rider is perfect for teens and adults looking for a whole new riding experience! Motor, the Kuberg free rider delivers the kind of massive torque and acceleration not seen on traditional gas bikes.

With an unparalleled build quality and heavy-duty construction, the ultralight, . FREE-RIDER is one of the most versatile electric bikes on the market. The bike weighs only lbs (kg). Weighing under lbs and capable of running for a solid hour at its top speed of mph, the Kuberg Freerider Electric Bike is both sensible and exciting. It is the fun bike of your dreams. Kuberg Free-Rider jest jednym z najbardziej wszechstronnych pojazdów elektrycznych, jakie kiedykolwiek pojawiły się na świecie.

Transmission: Clutchless direct drive. Charge time: 1 – hours.

Frame: Double-cradle tubular steel frame, powder coated. Wheelbase: 47″ (1cm). The Kuberg Freerider sets itself apart by bringing a perfect mix of speed and convenience. An electric dirt bike, . The versatile Kuberg Free-Rider electric motorcycle from ADV Designs is for adults or kids. Freerider is the new spectacular electric bike from Kuberg , ideal for beginners as well as experienced riders.

De Kuberg Freerider Electric Bike heeft een agressiever uiterlijk dan de meeste elektrische motoren die we kennen. Daarnaast is-ie ook nog eens krachtig. The latest (and possibly greatest) addition to the electric bike market, the Kuberg . We are now authorised dealers for the exciting Kuberg range of electric off road motorcycles for children and adults. Når der skal ekstra fart på cyklen, er det på tide at indkalde forstærkning fra en elektrisk motor, og det svenske firma Kuberg er eksperter i at levere Watt til dine vilde ture.

Nu er de så klar med et nyt lyn i form af Freerider , der er toptunet til det hårde terræn. Den er udstyret med en motor på kW, der snildt . It has incredible features. As one of the very first electric motorcycle manufacturers, Kuberg has set out to make electric dirt bikes as good as they can be. FREERIDER Technical Details.

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Experience the excitement of the new motorbike with the freerider, with which you can really get anywhere. With enormous power and silent electric motor, you can feel the adrenaline and the speed without disturbing the environment. Eine genauere Produktbeschreibung folgt in Kürze.