Mad dog 357 plutonium challenge

Another challenge is here! This time Jimmy Lin will. Today I take on the infamous and oh so dangerous. Just one drop of this evil contains.

An incredible friend (or enemy) of the show mailed us this hot sauce ! We invited some friends over to watch us.

Mad Dog 3Plutonium No. It is normal for it to become hard or solid. You may have to warm bottle to 140℉ to be able to remove the pepper extract from the bottle.

If you want to add just a little heat, this is NOT the extract for you. Million scoville pepper extract. We hit that target in record time. One of the most painful things I have ever done.


Processing for one bottle of Plutonium No. MAD DOG 3PLUTONIUM CHALLENGE IN 4K tedbarrus. Subscribe to my podcast here. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME – OR ANYWHERE ELSE!

Huge Thanks to Hot Sauce Market for Sponsoring this video, check out their website: hotsauce. You can follow me on twitter here: twitter. Plutonium pepper extract, which has a 000scoville heat unit rating. Ted no body cares who you are go get a job. Carolina_Reaper When we did the Pepper Palace Flashbang hot sauce we asked for you to get that vide.

Xem video mới PLUTONIUM CHALLENGE ! One of my subscribers sent me this Plutonium to review. I decided to drink the whole bottle. Bajar canciones a tu celular facil y rápido. mad dog 3plutonium no. Yet another challenge has dawn upon us and this time it aint no joke, people!

Hitting the scale at million.