Mad dog 357 taste

This stuff is hot but not. One taste of mad Dog 3Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, and you will-your own! There are def better tasting very hot sauces out there. Hot sauce with similar flavor to mad dog 3gold edition.

Scoville certified KILLER sauce!

Mad Dog 3Hot Sauce – HOTSAUCE. One hit and this sauce will blow you away! Finally, a super hot sauce that tastes like real chile peppers.

My school had some mad dog in the dining hall and since my school tends to have weak hot sauce I decided no big deal. I read the bottle, didnt know what a scoville unit was, doused my salami and took a bite. Bad idea, i chugged milk though I am partially lactose intolerant, had the chills for and a half hours until lacrosse . Description: Official: Ever seen a ghost?

But be careful, or should we say, bhut be careful.

The Taste of Fire – Part 1! An explosive mix that seduced us, combining strengh and taste without being too aggressive. Peri Peri pepper and spices give an exotic flavor to this . See more product details. Open up the Guinness Book of Records and you?

Oz) – Even seen a ghost? Really good heat but totally edible. We blend Chile extract, fresh Habanero peppers, 160scoville super Cayenne peppers, garlic and onion to makes a sauce that can truly take your breath away. Mad dog 3ghost pepper hot sauce – ever seen a ghost? Sweet Guajillo chillies bring a natural sweetness, with no added sugar, to a blend of medium hot and very fruity Habanero peppers, garlic, cumin and lime juice.

And you know what that means? Ingredients: Red Jalapeño puree (red Jalapeño, salt, acetic acid), Cayenne sauce (aged Cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, xanthan gum, garlic), natural . The new sauce from the Mad Canine! Heat Level: Extra Hot Ingredients: Vinegar.

Ashley Food even provides some . A really hot and tasty sauce that will tingle your taste buds, or rip your nose off.