Paulownia fargesii

They are present in much of China, south to northern Laos and Vietnam and are long cultivated elsewhere in eastern Asia, notably in . Twigs purple-brown to brown-gray, with round convex lenticels, stellate tomentose, glabrescent. A very handsome specimen tree, best suited to a position in full sun with good drainage. Slow in the first year.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides.

Purchase a gift voucher. Spicy fragrances, honey scents,. Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Leaves ovate, to in. This Pin was discovered by Evelyn Vincent. Paulownia fargesii Franch.

Magnificent tree flowering at a young age.

Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Flower are heliotrope,fragrant and speckled purple in the throat – trumpet shaped. Later on growth slows down. For the best flowering result it is necessary to plant the tree in a. CalPhotos Photo Database.

Using this photo This image has a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3. Aesculus californica, Ae. Castanea sativa ( sweet chestnut), Crataegomespilus grandiflora, Fraxinus Mariesii, F. Ornus ( flowering ash), Laburnum alpinum, L. Vossii, Magnolia Fraseri, M. Best placed away from strong win paulownia prefers deep sandy loam with good drainage. The tree must be pruned annually to maintain its shape.

The size after years is m. The flower colour is pinkish lilac. Family : Scrophulariaceae.

Wochen richtigen Winter mit Frösten bis ca. Sie hatten schon 2-3x Knospen angesetzt, welche aber immer erfroren sind. Dipartimento di Scienze della Vita, Università di Trieste picture by Andrea Moro CC BY-SA 4. Buchholz and Buchholz Nursery is a wholesale nursery in Gaston, Oregon offering only the finest plants from the best corners of the world. OSMANTHUS heterophyllus OSMANTHUS yunnanensis OSMANTHUS x burkwoodii TWEEDIA caerulea PACHYSTEGIA insignis PASSIFLORA racemosa x coerulea PAULOWNIA fargesii PENTAPTERYGIUM rugosum PENTAPTERYGIUM serpens PERJNETTYA furiens . Phtheirospermum japonicum (Thunb.) Kanitz Scrophularia ningpoensis Hemsl. Siphonostegia chinensis Benth.

Veronica didyma Tenore Veronica linariifolia Pall. Link Antirrhinum Majus L. Campanulaceae Adenophora .