Strymon sunset

Sunset Dual Overdrive gives you the best classic overdrive circuits, custom voiced for instantly gratifying control over a huge range of sought-after tones. Strymon sound designer and DSP engineer Pete Celi takes you on a tour of the sounds and features of Sunset. Swee Lee presents: Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal Six timeless and iconic overdrive and boost circuit.

At that point the company was a relative newcomer to the effect pedal scene but they quickly built a reputation for making innovative products that catered to . Get the Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal from Andertons on interest free finance and free delivery in the UK today!

Trying this pedal over that one to get that elusive tone and tweaking the effects so they sounds just right only to have it unravel at a gig is not a stranger . The Sunset is, as its name suggests, a dual overdrive pedal and has a pretty wide array of tones . Nothing causes mass hysteria among pedal fans quite like a new Strymon release, an unsurprisingly, the Sunset Dual Overdrive looks set to do exactly that. Promising “the best of the best classic overdrive circuits” via an analogue class-A JFET circuit and SHARC digital processor, the Sunset features six . Effect Pedal Dual Overdrive, The hybrid approach provides the best of the analog and digital worl The JFET stage provides exceptional response and dynamic interaction with your guitar while the incredibly powerful. The Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive is a 2-channel overdrive guitar effects pedal featuring an analogue class-A JFET gain stage, six overdrive types, and Level, Drive and Tone controls per channel.

The Sunset is custom voiced for satisfying control over desirable tones through six circuit types found throughout iconic . When the Strymon Riverside Multi-Stage Drive came out awhile back, it received mixed reviews among the players I know.

But pretty quickly, those who play out regularly grew more and more fond of it, till they were singing its praises. Sunset gives you the best of the best classic overdrive circuits, custom voiced for instantly gratifying control over a huge range of sought-after tones. Sunset is really two customizable overdrive pedals, independently selectable and flexibly routable, designed and voiced for complementary tones when stacked.

The Strymon Sunet Dual Overdrive pedal offers a very wide range of Overdrive tones, whether you are playing classic rock, country, or heavy rock guitar solos, the Sunset Drive is flexible for all genres of music. Classic overdrive soun x2. We studied six circuit types found in many trul.

Now, hard on its heels is the second: the Sunset. Strymon studied six circuit types found in many truly timeless and iconic overdrive and boost pedals, and put their takes on all six of them into a single two-channel unit. Wer auf der nach einem rundum Overdrivepedal mit exquisiten Sounds ist , kommt um das Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive kaum herum! Strymon Sunset יספק לכם את מעגלי האוברדרייב הטובים ביותר שיש, עם יכולות התאמה אישית עבור טווח עצום של דרייב. It is said to have been inspired by the numerous vacuum tube and analogue distortion units that have historically shaped the overdriven guitar sound.

Put the sound of the top six overdrive circuits of all time on your pedalboar with the Strymon Sunset Dual Overdrive Pedal. Strymon analyzed six of the most legendary overdrive and boost circuits, then fine-tuned their voicings to cover the widest range of tones possible. Use any of the six overdrive circuits on its own, stack . Sunset utilizes an all-analog JFET gain stage coupled with custom-voice precision-crafted DSP algorithms to capture the nuances and character of each circuit type. So, it appears its a little of both, with the presets using DSP.

Not a bad thing with Strymon as their pedals sound great.

Strymon is a company that needs no introduction at this point.