Taxiphyllum flame

Aquarium plant from tissue culture in closed cup. Tight, vertical growing and light undulating shoots give the impression of a deep green camp fire, 5-15cm high. Rosnąca pionowo w górę plecha osiąga 5-15cm wysokości i jest oryginalną ozdobą korzeni w akwarium. I hope you found this video helpful!

Feel free to share any comments, questions or input in the comment section. This is a great moss and looks a little different then most others.

Explore your creativity with a clean, modern way to plant your aquarium landscape. Even though it has only been known for a few years it already has a great popularity in the hobby and is readily available in trade. This popularity (as well as its name) is due to the fact . Whilst these are smaller portions compared to Tropicas boxed mosses they will develop into fine specimens given a little time.

We would reccomend that the complete mesh . It probably comes from East or South-East Asia. A lovely result is achieved by . Grown through clean Tissue Culture process – No Pests. Approximately inches in diameter portion.

Lush green and healthy moss, great for shrimp and fry tank. May come with snails and snail eggs. Live Arrival Guaranteed! Frequently bought together. Grows up towards the light immitating the look of flames (hence the name).

Flame Moss Mesh Pad – Taxiphyllum sp. Ideal for beginners due to the robust and diverse nature of . What makes this moss distinctive is the long, curly vertical gr. Liekkisammalen kasvusto muistuttaa tulenlieskoja ja se muodostaa kauniita tuppaita kiviin ja kantoihin.

Ei leviä juurikaan vaakatasossa. Hieman vaativampi kuin perinteinen jaavansammal Taxiphyllum barbieri. Alkuperä: Aasia Kasvutapa : sammal. Nama Spesies : Taxiphyllum sp.

Hardness Tolerance : Very Soft – Hard Demands : Moderate Plant Type : Moss. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Small plants with great success. The plants are guaranteed to be free from snails, algae and pesticides and therefore are totally harmless for sensitive shrimp and fish.

Success with your aquarium depends . We pick this item up directly from the supplier.

You will need to have your order paid for by Monday at 12:Eastern Time or Wednesday at 12:eastern time for pick up the next day. Vedenkovuus: pehmeä – keskikova. Vaikeusaste (- 5): – 3. Brug for TROPICA TAXIPHYLLUM FLAME ? Aquatropic provides the fresh-water aquarium industry with a quickly growing variety of excellent quality fish, plants, and equipment.

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