Volkswagen up review

Check specs, prices, performance and compare with similar cars. Read the full TG review inside. See if the Up is the car for you, or discover the perfect alternative.

We drive VW Up GTI ▻ A cool 113bhp and snazzy tartan seats ▻ Prices starting from £1750. VW has finally answered the call for one, . See customer reviews across Britain from AA Cars.

Has the German giant managed to distil the quality of its larger models into its smallest car? Volkswagen Up in Hatchbacks. Find out in our full road test review. Introductie: Hallo allemaal ik ben Damian.

They have similar power and performance, similar styling cues, a similarly refreshing take on simple, no- nonsense sporting fun. GTI is back to basics driving fun with its powerful engine and small dimensions making it a joy out on the open road. Well think again, the up ! Golf GTI Mkheir came to the U. Review : the new, turbocharged VW Up.

With the Up GTI confirme we spent a week with its 89bhp little brother to see what we can expect from the incoming baby hot hatch. Unlike Europe (the market for which the Up ! was originally conceived) the local scene tends to lump all small cars together, instead of differentiating between the small and the very small. Which meant that anybody here looking for a small VW tended to make the Polo its first port of call, ignoring the Up.

One of the best small cars? But, this small city car has enabled the German brand to regain the initiative in this important sector and this improved version sets a high standard for the best small car contenders in this class, adding in turbo 1. Jonathan Crouch checks it out. Is it practical enough to be used as an everyday runaround?

GTI in the United States anytime soon. But a car this hot deserves attention on a global scale, and we know you readers enjoy a tasty bit of Forbidden Fruit as much as we do. Enjoy this First Drive from the Motor1. UK team, and try not to get . South Africa, a facelifted model was announced. The original model broke the moul paving the way for generations of hot hatches to follow – and not only from VW.

The boundaries are flexible, however, which means cars such as the forthcoming Up ! GTI can still fit into the category, despite its three-cylinder, . Downsizing has become the rule rather than the exception, particularly in the middle segments of the market where many people tend to buy down a segment due to the volatile economic landscape. PS 5-speed manual – review. Which, along with the lower case u, just adds to the wrongness of a black up!

See our expert review of this small but accomplished runabout.